Where Craft meets Star Wars?

By James Cryer of JDA Print Recruitment, puts one of our industry's star performers under the microscope.

Avon Graphics is like a friendly neighbour that's been around for years - you've waved to them over the fence, and your kids go to school with their kids - but you really don't know much about them.

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The story of Kingtech

As the entire Graphics sector evolved to stay on the cutting edge of industry demands, printing equipment supply business Kingtech Australia has gone all out to reinvent itself.

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The story of Product Distribution Australia and Keith Scott, its founder

By Colleen Bate
Over the span of 25 years, Wide-format distributor Product Distribution Australia's foundation of innovation, quality, versatility and service has remained strong. The company continues to evolve and so does its founder Keith Scott, who has journeyed this vast and interesting industry terrain over many decades of change.

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